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paying tax made more fun 2
EPISODE TWO - REDUCING THE TAX PAYMENT ??? If you have a tax bill to pay at the end of Read more
Paying tax made more fun 1
In normal times we have regular January traditions - Comparing Christmas experiences Joining the gym Dieting Being skint Dry January Read more
'Cheap Accountants' cost more
Craig (not his real name) started his own business 18 months ago. I did his tax return last year, getting Read more
impossible is possible
'Impossible' - This was a single released by American singer Perry Como in 1970, which was nominated for a Grammy. Read more
russell with blue hair
I was interested to see a recent post on LinkedIn refer to accountants qualified for 30-40 years as ‘ has Read more
Before he was properly famous, I saw John Bishop perform at a Christmas event in Manchester. He did well, and Read more
make more money
To most people, provisions mean food or the terms of a contract. To accountants, it means something different. When accountants Read more
Barry called, practically hysterical. He used to have a thriving business but then experienced a number of calamities, not helped Read more
light bulb
Many people paid their tax bill at the end of January. Sally from Kent was one of those. This year Read more
scam alert
SCAM ALERT! We are getting used to being under attack by scammers. Only in the last week, I have had Read more
Do you normally get rewarded for failure? If you get below the pass mark on an exam do they give Read more

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