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tax increase
There have been a lot of worried business owners following the announcement around company tax rates increasing from 19% to Read more
commercial property
Want to know how to pay less tax when you buy a commercial property? You know what it’s like when Read more
Have you ever wondered what an accountant does? Or do you think that you are pretty sure you know everything Read more
Digital tax submissions
SELF EMPLOYED? HERE'S A HORRIFYING GLIMPSE INTO THE FUTURE: It’s April 2023 George is in the pub with John. John Read more
Are you making good money? Do you have a number of income streams and be fortunate enough to be in Read more
How opening a business can save you tax A story about how Angela followed her dreams and also managed to Read more
Yeah right, you say cynically. Why would they do that? They are here to take money off you. You aren’t Read more
confirmation statement
MY GUILTY SECRET I have a guilty secret. No one knows about it, not even my closest family and friends Read more
wedding rings marriage allowance
What are the benefits of marriage ? Some are .... Love Companionship A chance to change a surname you don’t Read more
HAVE YOU EVER OPTED TO TAX? Non-essential shops are now open now, so you can buy furniture, TVs, clothes and Read more
spot a qualified accountant
SPOT THE ACCOUNTANT What do these titans of LinkedIn have in common? Tom Phillips ~ Rhian Anstey ~ Andrew Jancey Read more
Spread payments
A VAT THRILLER It’s March 2020 - your business is closed. Your future is uncertain. You have a VAT bill Read more
tax savings
SAVE TAX IN A PANDEMIC Great news that businesses reopened recently, let’s hope that’s the last time they have to Read more
Super Deduction
THE INLAND REVENUE SALE CONTINUES Is it a bird?Is it a plane?No, it’s ...... Super-Deduction ? Until March 31 2021, Read more
Russell with champagne
6 April 2021 marks the new 2021 tax year and hopefully you will by now have recovered from your Tax Read more
debt for personal guarantee
Are you a company Director? Has your business borrowed money? Were you asked to sign several pieces of paper when Read more
too busy
Let’s get it for you !! One of my missions in life is for as many businesses as possible to Read more
hidden treasure
HIDDEN TREASURES We all like to find something valuable that others don’t know about. Some of us travel the beach Read more
WHO WANTS £100,000? Jamie owned a call centre. He wasn’t looking forward to today. The new accountant was coming. He Read more
Russell celebrating deferred VAT
THAT VAT BILL FROM LAST YEAR Just to clarify .... It’s not called ‘The Third VAT' (suggesting there’s a first Read more
paying tax made more fun 3
PAYING TAX MADE MORE FUN - EPISODE 3 - THE GRAND FINALE So you have a tax bill due at Read more

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