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VAT Bill Can Be Paid In Instalments!


It’s March 2020 – your business is closed. Your future is uncertain. You have a VAT bill to pay.

Then there’s an announcement.

Don’t worry you can pay the VAT bill next year. Phew ?

It’s March 2021 – it’s been a tough 12 months. You are told you have to pay that VAT bill from 12 months ago at the end of this month. You haven’t got the money to spare.

It’s April 2021, you still haven’t paid that 2020 VAT bill due last month.

Don’t worry, you can apply online to pay it by instalments, even though it’s late.

Phew ? again!

And Phew ? in May, and in June (up to the 21st) you can apply then as well.

Have you not paid last year’s VAT bill?

Did you know about instalments?

Are you saying Phew ? ?

Let’s celebrate paying your VAT bill by instalments!

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