Have you ever wondered what an accountant does? Or do you think that you are pretty sure you know everything about the activities that an accountant gets involved in?

A couple of weeks ago I attended a ‘ one-off ‘networking event.

The guy in charge told me I didn’t need to talk about my accountancy work as ‘everyone knows what they do’.

So instead he encouraged me to talk about my other main business activities –

  • R and D Tax Credits
  • Huge tax savings for limited companies where most qualify but don’t know about it
  • Embedded Capital Allowances
  • Huge tax savings for commercial property owners where most qualify but don’t know about it
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Helping those having to pay out personally on guarantees where a company can’t settle a debt.

In the majority of cases, we can achieve a reduction of the amount payable.

So I asked my #moveonline group yesterday what an accountant does, and they did pretty well. Then again they are a very clever, worldly-wise, bunch!

But do you know what an accountant does? (apart from balancing drinks on his head!?).

Please tell me what you think.

There may be something I don’t know ?

Thanks in advance …..

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