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Buying a Commercial Property and Want to Pay Less Tax?

Want to know how to pay less tax when you buy a commercial property?

You know what it’s like when you buy a house…

You get excited
You do it up in your own taste
You invite people round
Have a housewarming party

It’s the same when you buy a commercial property with one big difference – you can save tax!

You can reduce your tax bill by claiming for assets you can move around like computers, tables, chairs, machinery and more.

Most companies do this to help improve their finances.

From April 1 this year, for two years, you even can claim a higher ‘ super – deduction ‘ which reduces tax more than before.

You can also claim ‘ Embedded Capital Allowances ‘

It’s claiming what would be left if you turned the building upside down.

Like the infamous R and D tax credits, most people don’t know about this and are missing out on the tax reduction that is available.

Who can claim Embedded Capital Allowances?

A company can claim and, unlike R and D  so can individuals.

There’s no time limit either so you can claim for historical allowances.

Do you own a commercial property?

Have you imagined it upside down and saving you tax?

Do you know about Embedded Capital Allowances? Find out more about what Embedded Capital Allowances are and how we can help you to save tax on your commercial property.

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