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Hidden Treasures – R & D Tax Credits and More


We all like to find something valuable that others don’t know about.

Some of us travel the beach with metal detectors or dive into deep water to find the cargo of sunken ships.

In business, there are some hidden away as well.

The R and D tax credit is a strangely unknown potential tax saving for Limited Companies. It can provide a substantial financial boost to a business for, what seems to be, a straightforward activity.

But here’s another one –

The SSAS – small self-administered pension scheme.

Instead of your pension being locked away, similar to R and D, it can help develop your business. It has the same tax benefits as a ‘regular’ pension but you are in control.

Some features –

It can –

Purchase commercial property
Lend money to the business
Enable the business to pay rent into the scheme
It can create a valuable fund for your future and a legacy for future generations.

My good friend Neil Ryder is a specialist in this area , why not contact him today ?

Do you want to provide for your retirement?

Do you want control of your pension?

Here’s the handsome, friendly, face you will see when you speak to Neil Ryder on Zoom.

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