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Are You Too Busy to Claim a Tax Refund?

Let’s get it for you !!

One of my missions in life is for as many businesses as possible to receive a tax refund for R & D tax credits

It’s a Govt incentive paid as a tax reduction for limited companies. Qualifying activities are usually considered normal by business owners.

There are hundreds of thousands of £’s of unpaid tax credits in HMRC bank accounts.

Are you a business owner who knows about this opportunity and is missing out?

Are you worried you don’t fill the criteria to claim or don’t have the knowledge to do so?

It’s not a trick, there’s no catch

Announcing our solution to your problems ( drumroll please ) ?

Multi award winning business consultant Tracy-Jane(TJ) Duncan-Moir of Business Glu

She successfully carries out, in a relaxed friendly manner, the work for companies whilst enabling them to get on with their day job

She extracts and compiles the info to deliver to the specialist to get you the tax refund, while you carry on making money in your business the way you know-how.

If you haven’t got the time, then let TJ do the work for you

Can you afford to ignore a tax refund ?

Would you like us to make it easy for you?

Here’s TJ smiling her way to success…


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