Could You Be Due a £100,000 R&D Windfall Like Jamie?

WHO WANTS £100,000?

Jamie owned a call centre. He wasn’t looking forward to today.

The new accountant was coming. He thought it would be boring.

Some guy in a pinstriped suit, what would he want?

The accountant arrived. He was a lot better than Jamie had expected.

He asked about the IT. Was it ‘ off the shelf? ‘

Jamie explained, in lots of detail, that they had acquired ‘ normal ‘ software but then had spent time, and money, adapting it to make the business more efficient.

The accountant then explained about R and D tax credits, a big tax saving for Limited Companies, and how Jamie’s business would qualify because of his systems, even though to Jamie it was just a normal sensible way of developing the business.

A few weeks later Jamie’s business received £100,000 from HMRC.

He looked forward to seeing the accountant after that.

Has your business been developed like Jamie’s?

Would you like £100,000?

Do you like your accountant?

Here’s Jamie’s accountant celebrating another big tax refund.

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