paying tax made more fun 3

Making Tax More Fun – Part 3


So you have a tax bill due at the end of the month.

You don’t want to pay it because you need the money, or just want to keep it back for something more useful than (urgh) tax. ?

You don’t want to pay HMRC by installments because –

  • You don’t want to owe them money
  • You don’t like HMRC
  • You don’t like the fact that one missed payment means the whole amount is payable
  • Interest on the installments isn’t tax-deductible .

Well ….. I have another option for you ?

There are finance companies who will lend money to enable tax payments to be made, and you pay them back over 12 months.

It’s a bit like financing a car, but not as nice.

This loan interest is tax-deductible.
You’re borrowing from humans, who will talk to you like an adult if there’s a problem.
If you miss a payment HMRC won’t label you as a ‘bad payer’.
It’s an opportunity to form a business relationship for the future with the finance company.
You don’t owe money to HMRC.

Would you like to meet a broker who can arrange this?

Have you enjoyed this series?

Do you think tax payments are more fun now? ??

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