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Being Married Makes You Richer!

What are the benefits of marriage ?

Some are ….

  • Love
  • Companionship
  • A chance to change a surname you don’t like
  • Presents from the other half’s family at Christmas
  • Someone to blame when you don’t want to go out


But here’s another good reason-

You can get a tax refund !!

Everyone gets a tax-free annual personal allowance. This year, for most people, it is £12,570.

If you don’t use all of yours, you can transfer some of it to your spouse.

And they can receive a tax refund of up to £252 per year.

If you qualify, you can backdate it 4 years (as long as you were married then of course).

How amazing is that?

This transfer between husband and wife (or vice versa ) is imaginatively called ‘Marriage Allowance ‘

Would this make you get married?

Would you prefer to be skint and single?

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