HMRC Can Help You Pay for a Commercial Property

Yeah right, you say cynically. Why would they do that?

They are here to take money off you. You aren’t going to get it back.

But there are R and D tax credits. It might be a Government reward but it’s HMRC who pay out the refunds.

Ok you may say, perhaps R and D. But that’s a ‘ one-off ‘

Well no actually, all you doubters. Stop being negative and miserable.

Open your minds to another type of tax saving ……

Make way for …….

Capital Allowances ???

It is estimated that an average 26.5% of the cost of a commercial property qualifies for a tax claim.

Like R and D, this is another, often misunderstood, tax saving, where refunds are there just waiting for businesses, burning a hole in HMRC’s pocket.

Most qualifying businesses don’t know about it.

Thousands and thousands of £’s are not being claimed from HMRC

Do you own a commercial property?

Do you like tax refunds?

How about asking the guy on the right of this picture about the connection between the two?

He’s at a ‘ Capital Allowance party ‘ celebrating a huge tax refund – the next one could be yours …..

capital allowance party


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